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Public Preview : Crash Consistent VM Restore points



Announcing public preview support for multi disk crash consistency mode in VM restore points. A crash consistent VM restore point is an agentless solution that stores the VM configuration and point-in-time write-order consistent snapshots for all managed disks attached to a Virtual Machine. This is same as the status of data in the VM after a power outage or a crash. Using Crash consistent restore points you can plan and protect your Azure VMs backup and/or disaster requirements. Regions supported: West Europe and EastUS2\. We will continue to rollout support in all regions in the coming weeks. To try out the feature you can request access [here]( **Related links** Documentation on [VM restore points]( [Blog]( on crash consistent VM restore points. * Virtual Machines * Linux Virtual Machines * Managed Disks * Features * [ Managed Disks]( * [ Virtual Machines](