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Azure DevOps July 2023 updates



In July, we've delivered multiple improvements across Azure DevOps services. You can now dismiss dependency scanning alerts in Advanced Security that you believe to be a false positive or acceptable risk. In Azure Repos, we changed the default behavior to remove "Edit policies" permission when creating a new branch. Check out the following links for more details. ### **General** * [Lift secret expiration check on Azure DevOps OAuth]( * [Alert dismissals for dependency scanning alerts in Advanced Security]( ### **Azure Boards** * [Copy link to work item]( ### **Azure Pipelines** * [Kubernetes tasks now support kubelogin]( * [Use Service Principal in Agent VM extension]( * [Updates to YAML cron schedules]( * [Disable a check]( * [Improvements to Approvals REST API]( * [New toggles to control creation of classic pipelines]( ### **Azure Repos** * [Removing "Edit policies" permission to branch creator]( * Azure DevOps * Features * [ Azure DevOps](