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Introducing New Capabilities in Microsoft Dev Box



At Ignite 2023, **Microsoft Dev Box** is introducing new capabilities to support greater customization and simplify Dev Box setup for development teams. These new features, now in public preview, focus on increasing developer productivity and satisfaction. * **Dev box limits**: Limit the number of dev boxes each developer can create within a project to help manage costs and ensure efficient use of resources. * **Microsoft-hosted networks**: Simplify network setup and eliminate the need to create, configure, and secure a virtual network with Microsoft-hosted networks. * **Quick create template**: Get a complete, step-by-step guide from initial admin configuration through Dev Box deployment. * **Dev Box-compatible Docker Desktop images**: Leverage preconfigured images that have everything needed to build containers with Visual Studio and Docker Desktop. Learn more about Microsoft Dev Box by reading the [Ignite 2023 blog]( * Microsoft Dev Box * Features * Microsoft Ignite * [ Microsoft Dev Box](