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Public Preview: Azure IoT Operations



Azure IoT Operations, enabled by Azure Arc, advances digital transformation of physical operations in the following ways: 1. Collect, ingest, and process data from various sources and devices at the edge, using open standards, edge computing and analytics capabilities that can handle high volumes, velocities, and varieties of data. 2. Create device representations and send data from those devices in a structure ready for AI. 3. Transfer and synchronize data between the edge and the cloud, using efficient and reliable data pipelines that can optimize bandwidth, latency, and cost. 4. Integrate with the cloud to store, organize, and access data using scalable and flexible data lakes and data warehouses that can support structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. 5. Integrate with cloud services to analyze, visualize, and act on data using advanced data science and machine learning tools and frameworks that can generate insights and recommendations for business outcomes. 6. Use Azure Arc, a unified management plane for security and governance across the edge and the cloud for centralized and distributed data policies, standards, and compliance mechanisms. 7. Use Kubernetes to build once and deploy everywhere; maintain consistent application development practices across cloud and edge that provide flexibility and scalability to developers. For more information go to <> * Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) * Azure Arc * Windows for IoT * Pricing & Offerings * Microsoft Ignite * [ Azure Arc]( * [ Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)]( * [ Windows for IoT](