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General Availability: Standard network features support in US Gov regions



Azure NetApp Files capabilty to create new volumes with standard network features is now generally available in US Gov regions (VA, TX, & AZ). These standard network features deliver enhanced Virtual Networking experience for non-Azure host-based workloads like Azure NetApp Files. Below, you'll find an overview of the network features accessible through the standard network features. * **Increased Route Scale**: VNets with ANF volumes now enjoy an increased route scale of 64K, equivalent to VMs. * **Enhanced Network Security:** Support for Network Security Groups (NSGs) on the ANF delegated subnets ensures heightened network security. * **Improved Network Control:** Customers can now exercise greater network control with support for User Defined Routes (UDRs) to and from ANF delegated subnets. * **On-Premises Connectivity:** Establish connectivity between ANF and on-premises environments through an Active/Active VPN Gateway setup. * **ExpressRoute FastPath Connectivity:** Experience ExpressRoute FastPath connectivity to ANF volumes for all scenarios, including Azure VMware Solution. * **Cross-Region Mount Volumes:** Enable customers to mount volumes in a peered VNet across regions or global peering, facilitating cross-region accessibility. * **Private Link and Service Endpoint Support:** Enjoy support for Private Link and service endpoints for Azure NetApp Files. * **VWAN Support:** Azure Virtual WAN (VWAN) now integrates seamlessly with Azure NetApp Files. learn more about the standard network features: [Guidelines for Azure NetApp Files network planning | Microsoft Learn]( * Azure NetApp Files * Features * Regions & Datacenters * [ Azure NetApp Files](