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Public Preview: Azure API Center – January Updates



Azure API Center is your one-stop solution for inventorying and managing your organization’s APIs. In this update, we are bringing you new features and improvements to help you discover, reuse, and consume your APIs more easily and efficiently. These features are designed to help you streamline your API lifecycle, improve your developer experience, and increase your API adoption. **API Center portal**: This is an automatically generated website that showcases your APIs and provides a web-based experience for discovering and consuming APIs. You can control user access of your organization’s APIs using role-based access control (RBAC). Learn more here. <> **CLI extension for Azure API Center**: With the new Azure CLI extension for API Center, you can easily manage your APIs from the command line. You can register existing APIs from various sources or create new or update existing metadata schema for your APIs. The cli extension helps you integrate your API development workflows with Azure API Center and automate your API operations. Learn more here. <> **Import APIs from Azure API Management via CLI**: The latest CLI extension release lets you import APIs from multiple Azure API Management instances. This way, you can easily create and manage your API inventory across different environments and platforms. **Visual Studio Code extension**: You can now discover and test your APIs from within Visual Studio Code, the popular code editor and development environment. You can see a list of all your APIs, quickly explore API documentation, and generate SDKs for various languages and platforms. Learn more here. <> * Features