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Generally available: Azure Blob Storage Cold Tier support on Change Feed and Object Replication



Azure Blob Storage Cold Tier was [generally available]( since Aug 10th, 2023\. It is a new online access tier that is the most cost-effective Azure Blob offering for storing infrequently accessed data with long-term retention requirements, while providing instant access. [Change feed]( provides transaction logs of all the changes that occur to the blobs and the blob metadata in the storage account. Now it captures the changes of blobs in cold tier. [Object replication]( asynchronously copies block blobs between a source storage account and a destination account. Now you can asynchronously copy your block blobs in cold tier on the source storage account to a destination account. Refer to the [documentation]( for additional details. * Hot/Cool/Cold Blob Storage Tiers * Storage Accounts * Azure Blob Storage * Features * [ Storage Accounts](