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Azure Content Moderator will be retired on 15 March 2027



**On** **15 March 2027 Azure Content Moderator will be retired**. From now through **15 March 2027**, you can continue to use your existing Azure Content Moderator resources. After 15 March 2027, Azure Content Moderator won't be supported. **What this means for you:** * **Service retirement:** Effective from 15 March 2024, Azure Content Moderator project will no longer be available for creation of new projects. Existing projects will continue to operate and remain functional until 15 March 2027, giving you a three-year window to migrate to alternative solutions. * **Migration support:** To assist you in this transition, we're committed to providing guidance and support. We encourage users to explore our new offering [**Azure AI Content Safety**]( that offers both new and updated capabilities to meet your content moderation needs. Required action **Next Steps:** * Review your current usage of Azure Content Moderator to understand the impact on your projects. * **Explore [Azure AI Content Safety](** to fulfill your content moderation requirements. Help and support If you have any questions, [Microsoft Q&A]( community experts are available to provide answers. If you're covered by a support plan and require technical assistance, please create a [support request]( 1. For _Issue type_, select **Technical**. 2. For _Subscription_, select your subscription. 3. For _Service_, select **My services**, then select **Cognitive Services**. 4. Select the Azure resource that you are creating a support request for. 5. For _Summary_, type a description of your issue. 6. For _Problem type_, select **Availability**. 7. For _problem subtype_, select **Service Unavailable**. * Retirements