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Migrate to Azure AI Document Intelligence v3.1 GA version



On August 31st, 2026 Azure AI Document Intelligence v2.0 API will be retired. Please transition to Azure AI Document Intelligence v3.1 API by that date. We encourage you to make the switch sooner to gain the richer benefits of v3.1 APIs. In addition to the familiar features you are using, here’s a quick comparison between v2.0 and v3.1. ## **V2.0** * Limited OCR language support * Limited prebuilt model capability * Limited custom model capability on forms (structured documents) only * Limited integration with other tools ## **V3.1** * 300+ printed and 9 handwritten support * Wide range of prebuilt models to enable texts, tables, document structure and key-value pairs extraction from any forms and documents with improved model quality. * Rich custom model capabilities enable you to classify and train your own model for structured, unstructured and semi-structured documents with simple UX and human feedback. * Native integration with Microsoft services, including Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Cognitive Search, AI Builder, etc. **Required action** **Follow the** [**detailed steps**]( **to transition to Azure AI Document Intelligence v3.1\.** **For more information aboutour pricing please refer to our documentation** [**here**](**.** **Help and support** If you have questions, get answers from community experts [in Microsoft Q&A]( If you have a support plan and you need technical help, create a [support request]( 1. For _Issue type_, select **Technical**. 1. For _Subscription_, select your subscription. 1. For _Service_, select My services, then select **Cognitive Services**. 1. Select the Azure resource that you are creating a support request for. 1. For _Summary_, type a description of your issue. 1. For _Problem type_, select **Text to Speech**. 1. For problem subtype, select **Custom Voice**. * Retirements