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Cloud Services (classic) deployment model is retiring on 31 August 2024



**On 31 August 2024, we’ll retire the Cloud Services (classic) deployment model.** Before that date, you’ll need to migrate your services that were deployed using this model to Cloud Services (extended support) in Azure Resource Manager, which provides new capabilities, including: * Support for deployment templates. * Role-based access control. * Regional resiliency. **Required action** In order to avoid service disruption and continue to use your cloud services that were deployed using Cloud Services (classic), you must [migrate them to Cloud Services (extended support)]( in Resource Manager before 31 August 2024\. Beginning 1st September 2024, your Cloud Service deployments would be stopped and deallocated, and data will be permanently lost. **Help and support** If you have questions, ask the community experts in [Microsoft Q&A]( If you have a support plan and need technical help, please create a [support request]( * Cloud Services * Retirements * [ Cloud Services](