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Public Preview – DR for Shared Disks – Azure Site Recovery



We are excited to announce the Public Preview of Azure Site Recovery for Shared Disk feature, which enables you to protect, monitor, recover, and re-protect your workloads running on [Windows Server Failover Clusters (WSFC)]( on Azure VMs with Shared Disk. Now you can use the benefits of Shared Disk for your mission-critical applications such as SQL FCI, SAP ASCS, Scale-out File Servers, etc., while ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery with Azure Site Recovery. [Learn more.]( ### ### What is Azure Site Recovery for Shared Disk? With Azure Site Recovery for Shared Disk, you can replicate and recover your WSFC-clusters as a single unit across its disaster recovery (DR) lifecycle, while generating cluster-consistent recovery points. With Azure Site Recovery for Shared Disk, you can: * Protect your cluster. * Generate recovery points that are consistent across all the VMs and disks of the cluster. * Monitor protection and health of the cluster and all its nodes from a single page. * Failover the cluster with a single click. * Change recovery point and re-protect the cluster after failover with a single click. * Failback the cluster to primary region with minimal data loss and downtime. **Salient Features:** * **OS Support:** Windows Server 2016 and later. * **Nodes:** Up to 4 nodes per cluster. * **Shared Disks:** Any number of shared disks can be attached to the cluster. * Compliance * Features * Management * Services