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Azure portal now offers in context observability for AKS object overviews



AKS portal blades now\* show observability data powered by Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus. With this, customers can now more easily * Monitor your cluster's performance * Ensure key workloads are healthy and running optimally * Troubleshoot issues with pending or failed pods Users will see enhanced details for their lists of Namespaces and Workloads. ![]( View CPU and memory utilization to choose which deployments to investigate​​​​ Analyze your resource utilization over time for on the Nodes, Namespaces, Workloads, and Pod blades. ![]( The events and utilization summaries provide a snapshot view of your pod's performance. \* Feature rollout is in progress over the next week and may not be immediately available * Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) * Microsoft Azure portal * Azure Monitor * Features * Microsoft Build * [ Microsoft Azure portal]( * [ Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)]( * [ Azure Monitor](